20 tips to increase your influence

20 tips to increase your influence

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20 tips to increase your influence. Welcome to my blog post again, today i want us to discuss what influence is all about and how to become one. Many people want the nation or the world to know about them. Are you one of the people that the country or even the globe to know about you? then you need to step out to the front of the world, talk to them, show them your identity tell them what you’re and also prove it to them.

Now, how are you going to achieve that? very simple this post,  20 tips to increase your influence will help you to understand where to start and what you need to do in other to achieve your goal.

Let’s dive in…..

Tip 1-Have a clear message

Just like a said if you want to become an influencer you need to deliver a clear message to your audience, an influencer is someone that has actual fans not just followers. To be a thought leader you need to lead, and when i said lead, i mean having something to say your message must have value and be consistent with your messaging.

Tip 2- Post Regularly.

If you must become an influencer you don’t need to skip this, regardless of the platform or niche you are into, posting regularly is absolutely fundamental to your success.

Tip 3- Re-Post-Old Content.

Engaging with your audience will some times seem to be a tough task due to the lack of content, but i want to tell you something right now think about the old content that engaged your audience, why not repost the nice content to your Facebook page once more?

Tip 4- Engage in the wider community.

There are already communities out there forums and SubReddits – where people are regularly discussing your topic. If you can become well-known there first, you’ll find it does wonders for your growth.

Tip 5- Similarly sized influencers

Networking the idea growth hack, start with smaller fry though!

Tip 6-Think about sponsors.

When choosing whether or not to work with a sponsor, make sure that they are “on message.

Tip 7-Be a Role Model.

Your aim is to make people want to be like you. Thus you must present a crafted image. Though don’t be afraid to show your human side once in a while. Try as much as you can to deliver the right message at the right time because someone is somewhere monitoring your activities, don’t disappoint the person.

Tip 8- Understand the Value proposition.

The value proposition is the emotional hook. The thing that people want to gain from your content. Understand this and learn to

communicate it visually.

Tip 9- Hone on Your Niche

Aim for a big and popular niche yes, but also make sure to find your own corner within it, so that you are targeting specific people and avoiding major

Tip 10-Avoid Serious Controversy

Avoid saying anything that will upset potential sponsors, before you post or say anything, think about it very well.

Tip 11- Don’t Try to Appeal to everyone.

That said, being a little challenging and opinionated is good for building truly engaged fans.

Tip 12- Hire the service of popular influencers

Want to get a big influencer to answer your emails? Hire their consultation service. don’t chat popular influencer up if you’re not ready to do business with him or her.

Tip 13- Mention popular influencers

Can’t get the big influencers to respond to you? Make a post about them. Be careful with this one though.

Tip 14- Network in Person

By far the best way to make a big lasting impression is to speak in person. Do this by attending conferences, and by arranging meetups.

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Tip 15- Respond to comments

Responding to comment will help you to build better relationships with your audience this not only builds better relationships but allows you to open up lines of communication for future sales.

Tip 16- Have a professional website

your site needs to be able to compete with the top creators in your niche.

Tip 17-  Use Live and Stories.

Live video and social stories are fantastic for giving your followers a “peek behind the curtain.”

Tip 18- Focus on one social account.

Choose a major platform to focus your efforts on, be that Instagram, Facebook, a blog, or even YouTube, this will help you to listen to your audience to avoid distraction.

Tip 19-  Be Everywhere

At the same time though, post content to all the platforms in this way, you’ll be able to stay in your followers’ feeds as much as possible.

Tips 20- Always have something unique to present

Know your subject inside out so that you can contribute genuinely new and interesting thoughts.

So this is the end of the 20 tips to increase your influence, if you like this article kindly comment and share it.


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