How to launch a digital product

How to launch a digital product

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How to launch a digital product, Having a digital product that sells well and makes you money is about
more than creating a rocking information product. Yes, you need a good product on a topic that your audience is interested in, but that’s just the
starting point. No one will buy the said product when it’s finished unless you can launch and market it.

All too often I see people create information products, put them up for sale, and then sit back and wait for sales to come in. Sadly, that’s not the
case. You have to properly launch and market your product to give it a chance of becoming a best seller. In fact, only 20% of your overall time
and efforts should be dedicated to product creation. The remaining 80% is all about marketing and promotion. In other words, you have to
launch your product, so people start to notice and buy.

Start by creating some buzz while you’re working on putting the digital product itself together. Let your audience know what you’re working on
and what it can do for them. Get people interested, get them curious, and encourage them to let other people know what you’re doing and what’s coming.

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Next, comes the big launch itself. As soon as you have your product up for sale and you’ve tested the sales process to make sure everything is
working the way it’s supposed to, it’s time to let the world know about it. In this context, the “world” is your potential target audience. Email your list about the offer. Don’t stop at just one email.

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Craft an entire series of emails for the coming weeks. Post about it on social media. Link to it from related content on your blog. Write a few new posts that highlight some of the benefits of your product, or point out the problems it solves.

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Go out there and reach as many people as possible about what you have
to offer, starting with your own sphere of influence. While the big launch will get you quite a few sales, in the beginning, your work isn’t quite done yet. Going forward you want to continue to promote and market your product.

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Email your list about it regularly. Link to it from new blog posts that you write where it fits. If you have an affiliate program in place, remind affiliates to continue to recommend the product to their audience. As you come out with other products or even lead magnets, recommend the original product within the content and on the download page. In other words, keep spreading the word about what you’ve created, and you will continue making sales for months and years to come.

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