How to make money from watching YouTube Videos

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How to make money from YouTube videos, many people have been asking me how can they make money from watching YouTube videos without uploading their own videos.

Today i have come with the answer to those questions on how to make money from watching YouTube videos. with this, you can make $1,000-$5,000 monthly if you follow the instructions that am about to give you.

YouTube is the second visited website after google YouTube is now an open place for both creators and the viewers,  that simply means that everybody can now make money from YouTube it is no longer only the video creators that can earn money now on YouTube even you the viewer can also earn money now from YouTube.

So, if you’re looking for where you can earn some dollars online this is one of the things you can do now, the best thing is that to join the program is free and 100% guarantee.

If you have been watching videos on YouTube and you are not making money from it, it’s the right time for you to think twice and change the step you are taking to YouTube and turn your streaming to cash.

What If You are a Vlogger?

I know people will ask things questions too, if you are Vlogger this system can help you gain more views you might hear that before you can start earning from YouTube you need at least 1k-5k views monthly, some people have abandoned their YouTube channel because they do not meet up with the requirements.

Initially, YouTube used to take a lot of time before you can start earning money from it, not anymore if you follow this procedure you can skyrocket your views and start earning money from your YouTube channel as soon as possible 100% free.

Don’t quick your YouTube business rather use this system, work smarter, spend less time.

How to earn money from watching YouTube Videos?

Let’s start,

Step 1

Create an account at  

Once your account is created successfully the left sidebar You can now choose the service you want to render to the YouTube video creator in order for him/her to release point to you, in the post i will use YouTube like for example,

YOUTUBE LIKE:  Now let’s say that i want to like other people’s YouTube Video i will locate the YouTube Likes

How to make money from watching YouTube Videos

To earning from liking other people’s video, click on the like button then the video will be opened with a popup after liking the video close the popup by yourself.

NOTE: If you didn’t close the popup yourself you won’t earn any point and that will be work in vain.

Step 2

If you want to continue earning points ensure you are active on the site you will earn 500 points daily if you hit at least 100 links.

Step 3

Now, after earning the point how can you convert it to real cash? this is the main point you are here because if you are not a YouTuber you will like to have your money directly to your bank account/bitcoin wallet.

Don’t i will show you how to do that right way.

To convert the point you earn from the site to cash you need another system to make that happen…..

Go to this is another platform you need to convert the point you earn from Addmefast to real cash.

After creating your account with Playerup choose the product you want to sell, check out the below picture:

How to make money from watching YouTube Videos

Step 4

When some order any of your products add the link to your addmefast account to do this at the left sidebar click on ‘Add site/page’ check out the screenshot below…

In this page choose the type of network you want to promote

Add the title, the tile can be anything but try to keep short and unique.

Enter the video URL

Choose how many clicks you need

choose how many clicks you need in a day

choose the CPC you can make it from 8-12 click the save button.


The site will drive the traffic to any link as you instructed

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