How to outsource real software developer

How to outsource real software developer

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How to outsource the real software developer. Back then when i want to own my own website it took me six months to outsource the right person for my project not till i met one man at a shopping mall who literally told me that i cannot own a website if i don’t have up to $1,000, the truth is that the money is not too big or small to me then because i don’t know how to design a website and i don’t know the best developer than.

Does this sound familiar? You have an idea about a tool or application that will really help your business. You believe it will put you miles ahead of the competition, positioning your company as the leader in your field. You know what you want to be done, and you realize this is going to require a talented
software developer.

But you know what? the problem is you don’t know where to start just like me years back

You don’t currently have a software developer on your team. So where do you find the perfect professional for the job? You’ve heard about freelance websites. Should you go there and try to match someone to the project you have in mind?

How do you know the person you choose is going to be reliable, and do the best job? If you’re considering outsourcing the development of a piece of software, this is how to outsource real software developers to ensure the project is completed on time, on budget, and does just what you have in mind.

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1. Reasonable Expectation 

Did you find what looks to be a dream developer with a lot of talent that is selling his or her services for pennies on the dollar compared to the marketplace?

There is probably a reason for this. Do you need an incredibly complex piece of software produced, and your best case scenario is 4 weeks out? It is probably not going to happen. Have reasonable expectations.

Even the most talented developer can’t do the impossible, and when you expect exactly that, you are going to be disappointed one way or another.

2. Consider More than Cost

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, there are budgetary concerns involved. No doubt you will receive bids from several
developers. When you do, don’t just choose the lowball estimate and hand that person the project. There are more factors than cost you should consider,
like communication, talent level, proficiency with application development tools, and more. If you eventually choose a developer because of the low cost you might end up abandoning your project because of frustration.

3. Establish Clear Communication

The language you speak might be the second or even third language of your freelancer or outsourcer. They may live halfway around the world and have
cultural issues you need to consider. In every case, you and your developer must agree on communication guidelines and rules of behavior before you
hand over the reins to your project.

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4. Account for Cultural Differences

The developer you hire for your software development could live anywhere in the world. In the United States, the last couple of weeks of December and the
first week of January could yield very little work on your project. Many talented software developers live in India.

If this is the case, they may be attending the Diwali festival, which is the second week of November. Different cultures revere and honor different occasions and events. Ask upfront if your developer plans on taking off any significant time before the project is completed, and respect their cultural needs.

5. Try and Test The Software early Often

You should get your software in the hands of end-users early on in the development process. You may explain yourself and your needs very well. Even
so, your developer may not have the true vision of how end-users will employ your software.

Testing throughout the project, even in the early and middle stages is crucial so you don’t spend a lot of time and money on a piece of software that is inefficient or virtually useless to your intended audience.

So, this is how to outsource the real software developer for your project, don’t forget to rate this article in the comment section.

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